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Joel Chevrier

Joel Chevrier (62)
Professor of Physics University Grenoble Alpes

Teaching at the university in the anthropocene:

FabLabJamSession: interdisciplinary workshop on ecological transition” with ESAD Grenoble/Valence (arts and design), ENSAG (architecture) and CCSTI Grenoble. 60 students in 2020.

Course on water at Ecole Nationale d’Architecture Grenoble

Teaching Electricity, Optics and Thermodynamics in Bachelor Program at University Grenoble Alpes

Convention Citoyenne Universitaire Climat/Biodiversité“, in preparation for Fall 2022 academic year at Grenoble Alpes University;

Sciences&Design research collective MotionLab@CRI Paris:

See themotionlab.net

The body in motion at the heart of learning in a world of digital technologies. 3 thesis in progress (Sports, Health, Education) in collaboration with IRCAM, ENSCI Les Ateliers, Institut des Sciences du Sport-Santé de Paris.

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