Design, Arts and Sciences

·   Scientific curator of the Soulages Arts&Sciences exhibition « Noir, c’est noir ? » EPFL&Fondation Gandur pour l’Art at Lausanne Switzerland (2016-2017) 

·   Collaboration with Giuseppe Penone for his artwork Essere vento : we pushed sculpture on sand grain down the micrometer size. Essere vento has been exhibited : Corps de Pierre 2017 Chateau Lacoste, Marion Goodman Gallery NYC. Collection François Pinault. Essere vento when in Research Lab 3SR on UGA Campus. Contribution to the book entitled Giuseppe Penone : a question of identity Textes : Giuseppe Penone, Laurent Busine, Guy Tosatto, Joël Chevrier
Textes en anglais.Éditeur(s) : New York : Marian Goodman gallery, 2017

·   Collaboration with choreographer Yoann Bourgeois for his exhibitions of “La Mécanique de l’Histoire” at Pantheon Paris 2017 and Experimenta Grenoble 2018.

·   Collaboration with artist Julien Prévieux and with students of Ecole Supérieure d’Arts et de Design Grenoble/Valence, Workshop “reflections and exchanges on movement and gestures, in connection with everyday objects & in the social space of work”

·   Collaboration with Anne Camille Charliat for her film « Noir-lumière. La Peinture de Pierre Soulages en dialogue avec la science » 2020

·   Collaboration with designer Claire Eliot for Soft Mirror, a piece exhibited at Lille World Capital of Design: textiles to recreate digital interaction. Du 16.09.2020 au 15.11.2020 à Lille.

·   Collaboration with designer Adrien Husson for HitBox, a piece exhibited at Lille World Capital of Design: Du 16.09.2020 au 15.11.2020 à Lille. With Hitbox, the purpose is to explore ways to interact with technologies in an education process involving the body.

·   Collaboration with students of Design School DSAA Villefontaine and with designer Margaux Crinon. « Révéler l’infra\visible » exposed at Festival Mirages Lyon 2020

·  Adjunct professor at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture, in Master Design, parcours « Design, résilience, habiter » September 2021-…

·  Episode of series « one podcast, one artwork » at Centre Pompidou, National Museum for Modern Art in Paris: Interviews of Elisa Hervelin-Fedeli and Joël Chevrier by Elsa Daynac about Cold Wind Sphere, art piece of Olafur Eliasson. Season 7, ep. 3 (November 2020)

·   Principal investigator of ANR research project Descitech (2014-2018): « Sciences, design and society: the factory of contemporary worlds »

·   Member of Comité de Pilotage International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2023 to be held in Paris May 2023 at Forum des Images

·   Member of Strategic Council at ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris (2017-2019). Top 1 design school in France.

·   Member of the Board at Ecole Supérieure d’Arts et de Design Grenoble/Valence (2015-…)

·   Member of Scientific Comity of Exhibition “Science Frugale” at science museum Espace Pierre Gilles de Gennes 

·   Member of Scientific Comity of Exhibition “Luminopolis” at science museum Cap Sciences (Bordeaux 2017-2018).

·  Fr Blog Arts&Sciences: Un physicien au musée

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